Saturday, 21 July 2012

Friday 20th July 2012

Our last day on the site and again the day commenced with rain! However our depleted numbers could not permit adverse weather to hamper clearing and restoring the area of operations so we began by loading the Land Rover with all the surplus equipment that had sheltered overnight under a polythene sheet.

As it is hoped the trenches will be re-opened next year, they were covered in polythene and a layer of topsoil prior to re-turfing – a challenge when protruding rocks have to be cut round and allowed to project.

Whilst transferring the topsoil a careful eye was kept for the wild-life, one of the team with a great love and an affinity for wigglies is seen here rescuing a large worm!

The concluding analysis from Roger as Site Director was that the excavations, and specifically the magnetic susceptibility results, have highlighted the potential that this area holds for providing a greater understanding of not only the DG section, but the site as a whole.

“All gone” – the cleared site, all equipment removed, the trenches restored and handed back to the sheep, rabbits and bird life.

Final retreat off the hill….. 

Pat & Phil Carroll 

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