Saturday, 21 July 2012

Tuesday 17th July 2012

By way of a change today the morning was dry, however things became wet in the afternoon with a series of persistent showers blowing in from the Malham direction.

In spite of the adverse weather, the work on site continued and after the inescapable ‘earth and stone moving’ session the planning of trench ‘D’ was completed and more soil samples were taken.

Further excavation now recommenced within the trenches that had already been planned and the sieves were brought into operation.

There was much excitement when an apparently undamaged bakestone (bakstone) was found in situ – some 100mm below the turf – this may prove to be the “Find of the Year” rivalling the quern from 2011.

The above photograph gives a good idea of much of this year’s areas of interest, once the turf had been removed and the initial cleaning carried out, so measuring and planning the more significant features could proceed.

Pat & Phil Carroll

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