Saturday, 21 July 2012

Thursday 18th July 2012

With a fine dry morning, our first task was the removal of the tunnel that had protected much of the site – a delicate operation both with disconnection of the main frames and a careful strategic retreat to safe ground to disassemble the pieces.

The major emphasis then was to complete the detailed planning of the five excavated areas and a start was made on inking up the completed plans.

These traditional recording activities were then followed by magnetic susceptibility scanning over the areas still remaining to be evaluated – this activity covered the whole area of investigation within site DG, both unexcavated and opened ground.

A fellow student came up to the site to trial a device that allowed semi-vertical photographs to be taken – a different and curious use for a fishing rod – it will be interesting to see the results.

A regular repair task – replacing the edge marker string that had attracted the attention of the resident rabbits – which have moved into our soil pile!

In view of the forecast of more heavy rain overnight our day finished by packing away as much of the dry canvas as was possible – leaving only the Finds Tent bursting at the seams with equipment.

Pat & Phil Carroll

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