Sunday, 15 July 2012

Saturday 14th July 2012

The half hour of backfilling seemed to drag this morning – and it wasn’t just me. Everyone kept looking at their watches and then glaring downhill looking to see if Roger was about to call time.

Finally and thankfully we were called back down to resume work in the trenches. Lots more work on the photo-cleaning as above us the skies turned from blue to white, to overcast and dark grey. We enjoyed sunshine and rain, warmth and cold throughout the day.

Next week’s Finds Team was here for their handover day – In the absence of more than a couple of minor finds, Pat and Phil set to work laying out a large grid across the hillside ready for a magnetic survey which is to be done soon. We were visited on-site by Dr Chris Gaffney, lecturer in Archaeological Geophysics at Bradford University.
 By the afternoon with the top soil all removed and scraped away, it was time for planning.

Roger spent quite some time teaching the students how to draw plans using triangulation, while one poor girl had the task of drawing her trench using the dreaded grid frame.

Jane Lunnon, UWHG Archivist


  1. Hi everyone,

    Wow, I miss you all (can't actually say I miss filling in DF). Happy though to read these entries and see that the fun at Chapel House Wood continues for another summer. Good that not much has changed.....Roger still in deep thought pondering the age old question 'What is it?'

    Be safe. Take care. Enjoy the moment.
    Michelle Alford

  2. Hi Michelle!! Glad you're keeping an eye on us, even if it is from across the pond.

    Missing You - it's very quiet this year without you !!