Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sunday 15th July 2012

The weather decided to be kind today; it actually managed to stay fine all day and we even had spells of sunshine.

We started the day with the now traditional "Dr Martlew warm up exercise" a half hour (nominal!) period of enforced team building and site backfilling activity, entailing an attempt to return to site DF the extracted material from previous years.

After the morning break the recording of DG recommenced with all participants involved with site planning either by metre grid frame drawing or triangulation of the crucial stones.

As all the rest of the personnel were occupied with planning, the finds team kept themselves gainfully employed by cleaning back the one trench left unfinished.

Around the site, the more pleasant weather, though cool, allowed work to progress comfortably beyond the protection of our tunnel.

Under the ever watchful eye of the Site Director (and his camera) the work progresses – please note the shadows, indicative of sunshine - a rare commodity this year.

Pat & Phil Carroll

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